We Run a Youth #GirlSafe Media Change Makers Bootcamp

Our powerful Media Change Makers produce five outstanding films about Gender Based Violence. A must see!

I'M Original collaborated with iSchool Press Team in 2017, we jointly applied for the United States (U.S.) Embassy, South Africa’s Funding Opportunity Application: Empowering Youth to Combat Gender Based Violence (GBV) and was awarded the grant. It include the delivery of training, content creation, a social media campaign during the 16 Days of Activism and then a one day youth expo.

For the training, 22 remarkable youth and 4 chaperones arrived from KZN and Gauteng for a Media Change Maker Bootcamp in Johannesburg. The training was designed by I’M Original and facilitated by award winning filmmaker and journalist, Ingrid Martens. The process was implemented with I’M Original’s support crew: industry professionals included Trish Malone, Michael Jaspan and Brett Anolik.

The participants were divided into 5 teams. To make the media making journey come alive, 5 stations were set up around the room to make it easy for them to follow the production process. Day 1 was focused on learning and then pitching their films to a panel who provided guidance and input. Day 2 was focused on creating content, including a film and various social media materials. To achieve their mandate, the teams followed their maps and were assisted by the professional crew to create their 5 powerful films, while the crew produced additional content.

It is hoped that this will become an annual campaign and that the Bootcamps are hosted across the country to ensure more and more powerful youth Media Change Makers are inspired and equipped to tell their important stories.

For More: U.S. EMBASSY #GirlSafe

#GirlSafe Team #01

#GirlSafe Team #02

#GirlSafe Team #03

#GirlSafe Team #04

#GirlSafe Team #05

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