Africa Shafted in Tel Aviv Exhibition: South of the Sahara: Accelerated Urbanism in Africa

Sub-Saharan Africa—a multitude of nations, cultures and geographic expanses—is gripped nowadays between preserving communal traditions and accelerated economic liberalism. A massive Chinese presence is translated into developing infrastructures and new cities; however, most "African urbanism" is manifested in survivalist solutions for informal towns. The exhibition presents projects by architects, cinematographers and artists from Africa, Europe and Asia, representing the dramatic change processes of the public sphere in this region. ​

South of the Sahara: Accelerated Urbanism in Africa

OPENING DATE: Thursday 17 March 2016

CLOSING DATE: Saturday 27 August 2016

LOCATION: The Agnes and Beny Steinmetz Wing for Architecture and Design, Galleries 1 & 2 Herta and Paul Amir Building

CURATOR: Meira Yagid-Haimovici

"I am trying to find words to describe my deep emotions concerning this touching work [Africa Shafted]. It swept me totally and I believe it is an outstanding sensitive document." Meira Yagid, Senior Curator of Design and Architecture, Tel Aviv Museum of Art

"Thank you for making such a wonderful work [Africa Shafted]. It is so Humanistic, I was deeply touched." Hamas Yossifon, Design and Architecture Department, The Tel Aviv Museum of Art

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