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Remarkable Story About Forgiveness Spear Cleansing by Ingrid Martens

Spear Cleansing was produced for Special Assignment, SABC.

Some would call Letlapa Mphalele a mass killer. He ordered attacks on white people to further the struggle against apartheid. But meeting with one of his victims’ families changed both their lives forever.

"My proudest moment was when I saw whites being killed on the battlefield," boasts Mphalele. His attacks resulted in the deaths of more than 50 people -- something he has never apologised for. Ginn Fourie's daughter was one of those killed. She struggled to get over her daughter's death until she met up with Letlapa and they both embarked on a life changing journey."

Distributed by in the United Kingdom.

Follow the incredible work Ginn Fourie and Letlapa continue to do today, for freedom, peace & reconciliation

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