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Apple in Education Awards

iSchool & Apple in Education Awards 2015

What an event the 2015 Apple in Education Awards was! With inspirational, thought provoking and creative work showcased, it is no surprise that the iSchool Press Teams shined just as bright.

This year our judge, award winning local filmmaker Ingrid Martens, had to judge submissions based on technical skills, quality of production, message and overall audience impression. According to her, the winning video surpassed these criteria.

The winning video, How water is generated from Gaseroka iSchool Press Team, shows how the village of Gaseroka in Mpumalanga have to pump water from a single mechanical pump for daily use. This responsibility rest upon one man although he received some help from the press team when they went to shoot on location.

This video is great balance of journalism and documentary styled reporting. Congratulations to the press team, their teacher and facilitator. We hope you enjoy your new press kit and we look forward to seeing more winning submissions.

In second place,

Katlego Diseko from National School of the Art

Childline can help by

And in third place,

Dominican Convent School press team with

A right to life.


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