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Just for fun Heli Flips

Rudie's heli rides are amazing! So after flying above Ponte with him, I put together a fun (shot on a still camera) video to say thanks.

Get in touch with Rudie:

I am a commercial helicopter pilot and have decided to give my beloved Melville and Westdene residents and guests an opportunity to fly over our beautiful city of gold AT COST. We do this before work, leave home at 06h30, in the air by 07h00 from Rand Airport and back in Melville by 08h30, in time for work. Cost for a 30 minute flight over Joburg is R2400 and I can take 3 passengers, that is only R800 per person for a 30 minute flight, unheard of right! This is perfect for a leisure flight to see your city or for a special occasion like a birthday/anniversary, I have even done wedding proposals in the air!!!

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