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Sifiso Ntuli of Nsako

Owner of Nsako, a music and cultural centre, and a participant in the documentary Amandla, Sifiso Ntuli says,

“Having been an ‘African refugee’ myself in far away countries of the northern hemisphere, not only did one have to deal with the racism, buy the xenophobia as well. Africa Shafted – from an ‘African Perspective’, is telling the story like few have. The film is actually a documentary on African Refugees living at Ponte City in downtown. Ingrid has been working on the movie for a number of years now, and she has invested a lot of emotion and capital on it. It's called "Africa Shafted" and in many respects, the title explains the plot: As a refugee, your country "shafts" you, and then your "host" country. Given the recent events in the country, it could not have arrived at a better time.”

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