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Bongeziwe Adds His Voice to Africa Shafted

A very BIG thank you to Bongeziwe and his music company 340ml for believing in the film and supporting Africa Shafted!!!

Bongeziwe with his amazing tracks "We Sizathu" and "Ndifuna uku hamba nawe​"

Bongeziwe is paving the way as the next generation of immense African talent that believes in our common humanity!!! He has a heart of gold!!! He was willing to get involved right from the start. Like all the talented musicians that contribute to the film, he has a powerful message to share and amazingly he is only just getting started. Thank you for your immense contribution and keep shining!

Who is Bongeziwe?

Bongeziwe Mabandla is a rising star as an extremely talented and original South African musician. He was born in a small town called Tsolo outside Umtata in the Eastern Cape, where he focused on his love and passion for music from a very early age. He went on to study diverse forms of music at Lady Grey Arts Academy and AFDA.

Today he is an accomplished musician, with his own unique unplugged folk style performed mostly in Xhosa. Bongeziwe’s soulful, rhythmic and poetic grass-roots sounds, also fuse elements of mbaqanga, soul, and hip-hop and dub styles.

You can hear the influences from his favorite musicians like Tracy Chapman, Simphiwe Dana, Jabu Khanyile, and Lauryn Hill.


Don’t miss his new album, produced by Paulo Chibanga from dub group 340ml and hip-hop group Tumi and the Volume.

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