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Jackson Kaujeua Senior​ Adds His Voice

What Jackson Kaujeua Senior​ says about Africa Shafted:

“Your documentary is very impressive, informative and educative. I think its a good way of creating awareness about co-existence of different nations and peoples. After all no one is an island in this world that we live in. We are supposed to be people of integrity and we know the critical problems of the day and can only solve them by talking to one another, rather than trashing and name calling and character assassinating.​ We live in the 21st century not in zero century, lets listen and learn from each other and be part of the solution, not part of the problem as that will take us no where. Am saying this *cause for 16 years I lived in other peoples countries as a freedom fighter refugee and it widened my horizons, opened my eyes and made me a universal and an international person who today fits any where in the world and feel like a human being among human beings of any colors, cultures and languages. Ingrid with these few words keep it up and I would wholeheartedly be honored to contribute my song Africa to Africa Shafted Documentary Film.” Jackson Kaujeua Senior​

Why we chose Jackson Kaujeua Senior's​ music?

“Africa” composed by Jackson Kaujeua

(Album: A Hand-Full of Namibians & Papa Wemba - Track 16 - Released 2004)

Jackson, as a former Swapo freedom fighter who lived in exile, is familiar with the issues of living in a strange country away from home, friends and family, and the struggle for freedom and a better life. He has also experienced first hand the harsh realities of life in exile and living in refugee camps that is what this film is about.

His song is the most featured in the film, as it expresses the sentiments of love and hope for a unified Africa that enriches the closing message by adding “while we are all unique, we are unified as African’s and as people who are all working towards creating a better future for ourselves and our families”.

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