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Our Portfolio

The greatest art in the world is the art of storytelling. Call us bias but we know the power that comes with a well-told story that touches heads, hearts, and minds. With more than two decades of creating and sharing our own and others' stories, we are proud to share some of our recent and then favourite projects along the way. We are currently working on a few groundbreaking documentaries, which we will announce soon, so watch this space for updates.

Women in Doc

We are so proud to be co-founders and producers of Women in Doc, an incredible documentary slate, with StoryScope. Thandi Davids and Ingrid dreamed this up and the National Film and Television Foundation (NFVF) supported Storyscope to develop nine documentaries and produce three. It is our vision to see all of them made and to create an ongoing slate as an inspirational space for women in factual film. Watch this space as I'M Original is also directing two of the documentaries.

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We were approached by Active Citizen to create the Servant Leader digital strategy, online series, and website for twenty-eight video interviews. In collaboration with Lydia Plaatjies we ran an online weekly series that went in search of the leaders whose passion it is to serve others beyond themselves. We hope to bring you a documentary this year, bringing the voices of the past in each episode, the youth through the Youth Speak Leaders sessions, and a look into the future of what kind of servant leaders we need.

BBC 100 Women
African Safari Collective

We were the series producer on two amazing documentaries, produced by StoryScope. The phenomenal team of women...


African Safari Collective was founded in 2020, at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. Visionary independent lodge owners came together to create a collaborative strategy as they knew they could go #FurtherTogether so as to preserve the wilds and bettered the lives of their communities while delivering their guest's safari dream. We were approached to run a three-day workshop that resulted in their inspirational Story Book that lay the building blocks for them to implement their vision. We have also completed two new visions, and their stories, in the form of websites for their expansion: African Insurance Collective and African Collective for Travel Partners

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Re-Story Now

We love to run workshops, online or in person, to assist individuals, teams, start-ups, companies, and NGOs to develop an idea from scratch into a story. Or to take an existing story, and facilitate you to establish your voice and personality in the form of a Story Book, which in many cases is presented as a Website. It enables and inspires you to claim, share and stay true to your story. It is the first step, as in order to maximise your potential, you have to know yourself first. And if you want someone to love your story, you have to fall in love with it first. It is our sincere wish that you are then able to enjoy every moment of your story as you begin to build a beautiful and innovative new chapter. Take Simon's incredible vision to set up Ocean Safari Africa. Amazingly, congratulations, he has just set sail for the first time! Or the ongoing growth of the incredible and inpirational Leopard Mountain Safari Lodge and the treasured Makakatana Bay Lodge. We highly recommend you visit.

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Bringing your story together in one place enables you to develop and then share your story with the world. Getting this internal phase right is everything, because, as Mark McGwire said, “If you want to maximise your total potential, you have to know yourself first”. 

Decolonising and transforming curriculum at the Graduate School of Architecture: in different spaces around the city of Johannesburg, students look critically at issues of 'race', otherness, power, class, gender, and stereotyping.  We produced a six-part online series for Professor Lesley Lokko at the UJ Graduate School of Architecture. The core production team included Ingrid Martens as Producer/Director, Brett Anolik as Co-Director/Editor, Michael Jaspan as Director of Photography, and Heike Verhoef as Production Assistant.

Safe Sace

An award-winning, timeless, universal documentary filmed entirely in the lifts of Africa's tallest apartment, Ponte Towers, downtown Johannesburg, South Africa: 8 lifts, 400 flats, and 4400 people. A must-see for anyone interested in Africa and our common humanity. 

WINNER OF THE SOUTH AFRICAN NEW GENERATION GOLD AWARD FOR BEST 2018 ONLINE STRATEGY. We collaborated with iSchool Press Team in 2017, after jointly applying for the United States (U.S.) Embassy, South Africa’s Funding Opportunity Application: Empowering Youth to Combat Gender Based Violence (GBV) and were awarded the grant. It includes the delivery of training, content creation, a social media campaign during the 16 Days of Activism, and then a one-day youth expo. Such remarkable young people!

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Africa Shafted
Aids Free Gen

We compiled a DREAMS Toolkit and designed and ran workshops in KZN and Johannesburg to inspire and challenge the learners to make the best possible AIDS-Free Generation campaigns and films.

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Servant Leader
Girl Safe
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