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safe space

Safe Space Episode #01

Safe Space Episode #02

Safe Space Episode #03

Safe Space Episode #04

Safe Space Episode #05

Safe Space Episode #06

I'M Original produced a nine part online series in 2017, for Professor Lesley Lokko at the UJ Graduate School of Architecture. The core team included Ingrid Martens as Producer/Director, Brett Anolik as Co-Director/Editor, Michael Jaspan as Director of Photography and Heike Verhoef as Production Assistant.

Safe Space is an innovative teaching and learning initiative of Transformative Pedagogies, it highlights the schools ongoing commitment to decolonising and transforming its curriculum. Every fortnight, a group discussion took place in different spaces around the city of Johannesburg that asked students to look critically at issues of 'race', otherness, power, class, gender and stereotyping in order to facilitate the discussions that we often find difficult to host. GSA facilitators asked students about their own histories and experiences and to respond to briefs that attempt to translate their insights and knowledge into tangible outputs in the form of papers, articles, short films and exhibition material. The nine short films will be brought together in an hour-long documentary which is scheduled for completion in 2018. The series premiere took place at the GSA Summer Show on 29 November 2017. 



#GirlSafe Team #01

#GirlSafe Team #02





I'M Original, led by Ingrid Martens collaborates with iSchool Press Team, led by Michelle Lissoos, on various youth media projects. In 2017, we jointly applied for the United States (U.S.) Embassy, South Africa’s Funding Opportunity Application: Empowering Youth to Combat Gender Based Violence (GBV) and was awarded the grant. It include the delivery of training, content creation, a social media campaign during the 16 Days of Activism and then a one day youth expo.

For the training, 22 remarkable youth and 4 chaperones arrived from KZN and Gauteng for a Media Change Maker Bootcamp in Johannesburg. The training was designed by I’M Original and facilitated by award winning filmmaker and journalist, Ingrid Martens. The process was implemented with I’M Original’s support crew: industry professionals included Trish Malone, Michael Jaspan and Brett Anolik.


The participants were divided into 5 teams. To make the media making journey come alive, 5 stations were set up around the room to make it easy for them to follow the production process. Day 1 was focused on learning and then pitching their films to a panel who provided guidance and input. Day 2 was focused on creating content, including a film and various social media materials. To achieve their mandate, the teams followed their maps and were assisted by the professional crew to create their 5 powerful films, while the crew produced additional content.


It is hoped that this will become an annual campaign and that the Bootcamps are hosted across the country to ensure more and more powerful youth Media Change Makers are inspired and equipped to tell their stories.

For More: U.S. EMBASSY #GirlSafe

#GirlSafe Team #03

I'M Original also conducted the Baseline and Post Campaign Study and delivered an Outcomes Report.

#GirlSafe Team #04

#GirlSafe Team #05

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#AidsFreeGen Winner Most Brave Message to the Youth: Unity Secondary School

#AidsFreeGen Winner Most Original & Powerful Story:
Clarence Primary School

#AidsFreeGen Overall Youth Message From all our powerful media change makers

I'M Original, led by Ingrid Martens collaborates with iSchool Press Team, led by Michelle Lissoos, on various youth media projects. We jointly created and implemented the 2017 #AidsFreeGen Youth Campaign after being awarded the PEPFAR (The United States President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief) DREAMS (Determined, Resilient, Empowered, AIDS-Free, Mentored, and Safe women) Innovation Challenge grant to pursue a national youth campaign, an innovative strategy of AIDS prevention based on our unique approach to make youths voices heard as media change makers.  The vision was to use the iSPT model to increase awareness of HIV and AIDS, and inspire active DREAMS generation to be create films and campaigns to powerfully be heard to contribute to positive social change, while equally developing 21st century skills. 

I'M Original created the campaign messaging, brand, appeals, training content, workshops in KZN and Johannesburg to prepare the youth to create their own campaigns and movies in their communities, the awards judging process and content, the Baseline Study and a Showcase Report.

For More: iSPT #AidsFreeGen

#AidsFreeGen Winner Most Powerful Call To Action: Sibusisiwe Comprehensive Technical High

#AidsFreeGen Finalist Most Original & Powerful Story: Ephes Mamkeli Secondary

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#endGBV Winner Most Brave Message to the Youth:  National School of the Arts





I'M Original, led by Ingrid Martens collaborates with iSchool Press Team, led by Michelle Lissoos, on various youth media projects. In in 2015, we partnered with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), South Africa, to launch a campaign to give the youth an impactful and inspirational platform to speak out and be the voice of children too afraid to speak against GBV.


More than 250 students participated and sent in over 50 heart felt, quality, original, touching and powerful call to action films. 


We hope you will follow and support all their future campaigns and watch all their call to action films as they keep sharing their important voices, and the messages they want us to know and hear.

In collaboration, we will continue to learn as we strive to inspire, teach and connect more and more young activist filmmakers to be even more powerfully heard, so as to make a di erence in their own lives, their communities and our countries. 

For More: iSPT #endGBV

#endGBV Most Original & Powerful Story:  Mdzimba Primary School

#endGBV Winner Most Powerful Call To Action:  Phindavele Secondary School

#endGBV we produced various films from previous iSchool youth submissions for the campaign.

I'M Original in the collaborative revolution

#AidsFreeGen Finalist Most Original & Powerful Story:Ephes Mamkeli Secondary

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