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Africa Shafted: under one roof

A timeless, universal and award winning documentary filmed entirely in the lifts of Africa's tallest apartment, Ponte Towers, downtown Johannesburg, South Africa: 8 lifts, 400 flats and 4400 people.

We do hope the wonderful Ponte people inspire you to question a few perceptions about Africa and our common humanity as they did us, and so many others.

Africa Shafted DVD Personal Collection

SKU: 217537123517253
  • Award winning documentary filmed entirely in the lifts of Africa's tallest apartment.

    • Title: Africa Shafted: under one roof
    • Country: South Africa
    • Director: Ingrid Martens
    • Duration: 54 minutes 29 seconds
    • Genre: Documentary
    • Format: DVD PAL
    • Subtitles: English 


    • Producer, director, camera & editor: Ingrid Martens
    • Production manager: Bronwyn Nesbitt
    • Assistant director: Mandla Mlambo
    • On-line editor: Stephen Abbott
    • Final mix: Brett Barnes
    • Editorial advisors: Angie Kapelianis & Catherine Whitfield
    • Web designers: Ingrid Martens & Chevon Porter


    • Africa in Motion Film Festival (Scotland)
    • NY Africa Film Festival & Travelling Series (US)
    • Tri Continental Film Festival ( SA) 
    • Doc Watchers New York (USA)
    • Durban International Film Festival (SA)
    • Africa World Documentary Fest (3 continents)
    • Lesotho Film Festival (Lesotho) 
    • International Human Rights Day ACP (Lesotho) 
    • International Migrants’ Day ACP (Brussels)
    • Architecture Film Festival (Rotterdam) 
    • Africavenir (Namibia) 
    • Atlas Studio Film Festival (South Africa) 
    • Budapest Africa Forum (Hungary) 
    • Baltimore Africa Film Festival (US)
    • Special Jury Mention Africa International Film Festival (Nigeria) and many more

    Dedicated to those who lost their lives in the tragic xenophobic attacks of 2008 in South Africa & the late musical ambassador of Namibia, Jackson Kaujeua Senior.

  • Please let us know if you have any challenges.

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